About The Film

The Story

A stylistic throwback to the summer camp films of the 80’s and 90’s, Camp Manna is the hilariously revealing story of a Christian summer camp turned inside out by the arrival of wayward teenager, Ian Fletcher.

When a freak alligator attack botches Ian’s baptism and tears his faith (and family) to pieces, the 16 year old is sent to live with his relatives. Upon arrival, he is bussed off to Camp Manna, a remote Christian camp designed to “turn boys into men of faith” by way of a Biblically themed Olympiad known as the “God Games.” Here Ian is assured he will find healing and friendship.

But what Ian actually finds is a world entrenched in befuddling, obscure religious culture. Founded by slightly deranged, born again Vietnam veteran Jack “Cujo” Thompson (played by Gary Busey), and staffed by a fellowship of exuberant counselors, Camp Manna appears to be the last place that Ian wants to spend a week of summer. But departure is not an option and Ian must assimilate to survive.

He is begrudgingly assigned to the Passover Privates cabin, a collection misfits led by Bradley Sommers, an outlandishly prudish camp counselor.

Being the smallest kid at camp, Ian finds himself the key component to a God Games championship, and as the Biblical Olympiad draws near, Ian must make a choice: accept the friendship of the Passover Privates or subvert the system and join up with the coolest counselor at camp Clayton Vance, the chiseled leader of the two faced Righteous Regiment cabin…

Camp Manna Cast

Jack “Cujo” Parish

Played By: Gary Busey

Spiritually reborn in the blood soaked jungles of Vietnam, Jack “Cujo” Parish has one mission in life: to help turn boys into men. To do this, he’s founded Camp Manna, a remote Christian summer camp centered around an olympiad of Biblically themed events known as “The God Games.” This old war veteran may be eccentric but his heart is in the right place.

Gary Busey celebrates his 45th Anniversary in show business during 2015. Busey rose to fame in Hollywood when he became an Academy Award nominee for “Best Actor” for his performance in the title role of Buddy Holly in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY. His other feature film credits include memorable roles in “The Firm,” “Under Siege,” “Point Break,” “Big Wednesday,” “Straight Time,” and “Lethal Weapon.”

Ian Fletcher

Played By: Luke Michael Klein

The smallest kid at camp, Ian Fletcher has recently been sent to live with his earnest but awkward, Christian godparents. Despite their backward attempts to “introduce him to Jesus”, Ian wants nothing to do with Christianity due to his parents being mauled to death by alligators during a failed baptism. Now forced to live with his godparents, Ian is sent to the last place on earth that he’d ever want to be: a Christian summer camp.

This is Luke Michael Klein’s first lead role in a feature film. He has previously performed in Chicago regional theater in A Christmas Memory and On Golden Pond with Theater at the Center. He has also been a guest artist at Interlochen Center for the Arts and has studied theater at Broadway Artist Alliance in NYC. When not attending high school, he works at a bakery in his small town and records covers of songs in his room.

Bradley Sommers

Played By: Evan Koons

Heppity hey, it’s Bradley Sommers, leader of the Passover Privates cabin! The most prudent Christian camp counselor that ever roamed the holy confines of Camp Manna! He has one desire to be a faithful leader in God’s kingdom! The only problem? Not a single camper wants to be in his cabin. His absurd antics and Quakerlike attitude for rules keeps him struggling to gain any semblance of respect. But Bradley knows if he can lead his cabin to a victory in the Biblically themed Olympiad known as the God Games, he will once and for all earn the leadership badge that he so earnestly desires.

Evan Koons is perhaps best known for his role as the misguided prayer warrior from the viral sensation Church Appropriate Dance Moves (over 5 million views), He has also worked opposite the legendary Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future series, Taxi) in the film Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson.

Dale “Gordo” Gordon

Played By: Joey Morgan

Overweight, cynical, comic relief. Dale Gordon (known affectionately as Gordo) talks faster than he thinks. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he likes coming to Camp Manna because it keeps him away from a crappy home situation with his mom’s terrible boyfriend. Gordo sees a joke in every opportunity because it’s his way of dealing with the absurdity of life. Though a bit crude on the surface, Gordo is a goodhearted, natural born leader who you want to have in your corner when the going gets rough.

Joey Morgan is a young factor from Chicago, Illinois who began acting in theater productions at his high school in the Chicago suburb of Streamwood, IL.

Joey landed his break out role in the Paramount Feature film Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse alongside actors Tye Sheridan and Logan Miller. SCOUTS is set to premier on October 30th, 2015. He immediately followed up this with another lead role alongside Omar Chaparro in Compadres also starring Kevin Pollack and Eric Roberts. Upon completion of Camp Manna, Joey is set to return to his hometown of Chicago to shoot the independent feature film Back Home written and directed Trevor Morgan. Joey is represented by manager Lisa Morgan at Management by Morgan. LA talent agent Tim Weissman of Don Buchwald and Associates and Chicago talent agent Brooke Tonneman of Big Mouth Talent.

Clayton Vance

Played By: Jimmy Tatro

The epitome of Christian cool, Clayton Vance is the counselor every kid wants to be. He only loves one thing more than the Lord… himself. Leader of the Righteous Regiment cabin, his alarming charisma and pedigree for “winning souls” makes him the envy of everyone. But underneath this suave identity lies a lot of insecurity, and he will do anything it takes including lying, cheating, and manipulating Ian into his cabin ­ to win his fifth consecutive God Games title.

Jimmy Tatro most recently starred in Sony’s 22 JUMP STREET, opposite Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. He is the creator and star of the YouTube channel, LIFE ACCORDING TO JIMMY. This online community – dedicated to exposing the common, yet awkward, situations of college – has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers and over 207 million video views and is growing every day. Jimmy also has over 412,000 Twitter followers and 144,000 likes on Facebook. Jimmy previously starred in GROWN UPS 2 for Sony.